We Build Custom Funeral Cars and Hearses in the U.S.A.

Traditional hearses are still a mainstay in America but there’s a growing trend in after life care toward more extravagant, custom funeral cars and even custom funeral limousines. Making that last ride spectacular is an ages old tradition . . . . but there’s always opportunity for innovation.

The hearse is a physical representation of the emotional bond between surviving family members and the deceased. Important individuals from all walks of life are opting for something a little flashier, a little more elegant, and a little more extravagant. Custom hearses, converted funeral cars, and even stretch funeral limousines are making headlines as luxury transportation makes its mark in after life care.

Make Your Mark—Create and Dominate this Niche Market

People spend thousands of dollars on funeral preparations and handpick everything—the flowers, the coffin, the headstone. But many people don’t even know these extraordinary funeral cars are an option. Instead of offering custom hearses, many funeral homes and mortuaries simply assume the family will opt for whatever is sitting in the garage. But you can change that.

By creating a custom hearse or even a custom funeral limousine you can provide another, more impressive option for that last ride—one that lets loved ones express their love and devotion in a real physical sense. (And once that vehicle is in your fleet, you can rent it out time and time again.)

Depending on your location, you may be the only custom funeral car provider in your area—the trendsetter! This opens open the opportunity to shape the market as you see fit and allows you to become the go-to custom hearse rental.

We Are Custom Hearse Builders Right Here in the U.S.A.

We are custom funeral car builders. But it’s not all we do. We customize just about any car. In fact, our owner was the first to create a stretch Lamborghini with a heart shaped Jacuzzi inside! He was also the first to create a party bus designed as a nightclub on wheels. We have the resources and the know-how to turn just about any vehicle into a custom funeral car that will impress and amaze. And that “wow” factor is so important to your business.

We’re hearse builders who understand that your businesses can’t compete on price. If you’re constantly trying to undercut your competition, there’s no profit left for anyone. Instead, compete on another level—luxury. By offering more style, more options, and exceptional quality you can command a higher price and increase your customer base substantially.

Our conversion process lets you turn a relatively small investment into a huge earnings opportunity.

The Custom Funeral Limousine Creation Process

We don’t sell cars—we make them extraordinary. In fact, we can help you bring out the potential in any car. If you’ve already got a hearse in your fleet or have a standard vehicle available we can start the conversion process right away. If not, we can take anything you find (Escalades, Tahoes, Suburbans, even Sedans) modify the interior and exterior to create a vision beyond anything you had in mind.

Do you know somebody in the auto industry who can get you a discount on vehicles?
Are you a smart auction shopper who can pull that prize out from under the competition?
Do you already have access to a fleet of cars just waiting to be made spectacular?
Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. We can modify just about any vehicle into an amazing custom funeral car for you.

The conversion process typically takes about 8 weeks and generally starts at $35,000 in the United States. However, we have multiple international facilities at which we can modify your vehicle. This allows us to pass along substantial labor and materials savings to you, but involves importing the finished product. Give us a call to discuss all of your options and we’ll help you figure out which is best for you.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Now is the perfect time to carve out your piece of this niche market and if it doesn’t exist in your area it’s the perfect time to create it! Get started today—call 714-288-1220.