FOR SALE! Mercedes 550S Limousine

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  • Seats up to 10 Passengers (depending on the size of the passengers)
  • Silver Exterior with Black Leather Interior
  • Signature 5th Door for Easy Entry and Exit
  • Fiber-Optic Lighting
  • 4 Multi-Color Changing Capability
  • Surround Sound Stereo
  • Privacy Divider
  • Back Seating Area
  • Custom Rims
  • DVD


Custom Built Limousines

When it comes to “limousine sales”, you have options. If you buy from a Car Dealer, you’ll likely pay more than you need, not to mention you might end up with an inferior product. If buying from a Limousine Dealer, you’re adding a middle man into the mix. Someone created that limo and sold it to the dealer. The dealer has to make a profit, so he has to charge you more.

At Creative Coach Builders, there is no middle man. We can create custom limos, or you can buy one from the lot that is ready to roll. The truth is that unless you buy a limousine from the manufacturer, you have no way of really knowing the quality of workmanship that went into creating that vehicle.

We use the best engineering practices when custom building our vehicles. We aim, not just for beautiful vehicles that will turn heads (that’s guaranteed), for extreme passenger comfort. Dual A/C, surround sound, fine leather seats, updated suspension and tinted windows are just a few of the ways that our limos promise the most for your money.

Cheaper Is Not Always Better

When shopping around for the best limousine for sale, you are making an investment in your business. Would you rent an office that was 100 miles off the beaten off just because it was less expensive? You know that by doing that you’d be hurting your bottom line.

Instead, you pay a little more for rent so that you can be in a high traffic area. Apply that same logic to your limousines. Are you really saving anything if you buy an inferior vehicle? If a customer uses you once but never again, what have you gained?

If you want to have the greatest measure of success in this business, you have got to invest in limousine sales that give you the best possible product on the road.

Get Started With Creative Coach Builders

Some companies selling limousines have limited options. At Creative Coach Builders, the sky is the limit. We offer a variety of limos including Hummers, Mercedes, Cadillac, Hearses and more.

When it comes to amenities, there is nothing we cannot do. A few options are dimmer controlled lighting, intercom system, stripper poles, LCD TVs, mirrored ceiling and much more. If you can imagine it, we can probably do it.

Don’t waste your time with other limousine sales companies. Contact Creative Coach Builders today and add a vehicle to your fleet that will set you apart from and above the competition. Build a business that will be so successful, you’ll be taking reservations months in advance. That kind of success is only possible when you have the best vehicles available, and that is exactly what we offer.

Don’t settle for less. Your business depends on it.